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Application Process

  • Submit application at the Town of Pulaski Municiple building.
  • Take and pass a written test with a score of 70 and above.
  • Submit fingerprints and deparmtent taken photograph.
  • Pass a Physcial Agility and Strength Test: to determine if applicants have the basic physical ability and strength to perform essential job functions.  The test includes weapon manipulation, climbing a five foot wall, fence obstacles, dummy exercises including dragging and/or cuffing.
  • Complete and return a Composite History Background Form:  detailed form thoroughly completed by applicant.  Includes personal, employment, educational, credit, driving, criminal, military service, athletic, and social history.
  • Screening:  conducted by investigators and various Department personnel. 
  • Take a Vocational Test:  testing that measures vocational interests relative to law enforcement standards.
  • Background Investigation: to verify information supplied by applicant and employment suitability.
  • Polygraph (if applicable):  examiner reviews information presented on Composite History Form with applicant.
  • Chief's Review:  final review conducted by the Chief of Police.
  • Conditional Offer:  employment offer agreement
  • Psychological / Medical Examination:  a battery of tests, social history, individual interview, and medical examination to test ability to perform essential job functions.
  • Final selection of employee

Applications may be picked up during regluar business hours, 8:30am - 5:00pm, at the Town of Pulaski Municiple Building, 42 First Street N.W. Pulaski, VA 20301





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The Pulaski Police Department is located in Pulaski Virginia, which is in the Southwest region of Virginia. They handle many services such as incident reports, crash reports, bike safety, and child restraint safety. They provide recruitment for police officers and swat teams in the Pulaski Area.