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       The purpose of the Citizens Observer Program is to assist in establishing a better understanding between the Pulaski Police Department and the community it serves.  This program allows citizens to gain a realistic and comprehensive view of the Police Department’s operations and duties. 

Eligibility to Participate in the Ride-along Program

  1. Must submit necessary application and meet eligibility requirements. 
  2. Application must be approved by the Captain or Chief of Police.                         
    Note:  The Department will grant program participation without regard to age (other than minors), race, sex, religion, creed, or national origin.
  3. Only adult citizens of the Town of Pulaski, Pulaski business owners and Student Interns may participate in the program unless an exception is grant by the Captain or Chief of Police.
  4. Citizens will be allowed to submit an application every three months.
  5. Ride-along participants will be limited to four times a year per person.
  6. Student Interns will be authorized as much time as needed to complete course work based on the on-duty supervisors permission.   

Disqualifiers to Participate in the Program

  1. Conviction of a felony.
  2. Conviction of a class 1 or 2 misdemeanor (including DUI) within the past five years to include traffic and criminal offenses.
  3. Other misdemeanor convictions and/or traffic convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Four or more moving traffic violations within the past five years.
  5. Being currently investigated for any crime by any law enforcement agency.
  6. Being dismissed from employment by any Town government agency/department.
  7. Having been disqualified for employment with the Department.
  8. Any false information or representation on the application or during the application process.


Application Process

  1. Complete a Citizen Observer Program Application/Waiver Form and submit to the Police Department.  Applications can be picked up in the Administrative Offices of the Pulaski Police Department or you can print the PDF forms below and submit.
  2.  Ride Along Form                          Liability Form                       Medical Form

  3. Application should be submitted in person one week prior to the actual ride along date.  Exceptions to the one week period may be granted.
  4. Applications are processed and a background check is initiated.  Applicant’s driving record and criminal history are reviewed as part of the background check and each time they report for a ride along.
  5. Applications are reviewed by the Captain or Chief of Police and the applicant will be notified if approved or disapproved.


Observer Participant Conduct and Responsibilities

  1. There may be times that it is not possible to accommodate a program applicant due to staff or other priorities.  The Department reserves the right to refuse program participation to any person.
  2. Citizen Observers are not permitted to be directly involved in any law enforcement action unless, specifically requested to assist in accordance with Code of Virginia 18.2-463, “Refuse to aid officer in execution of his office”.
  3. Citizen Observer shall not be armed.  (Exceptions to Virginia Certified Law Enforcement Officers)
  4. Citizen Observer must wear department issued identification card.
  5. Must have a professional appearance and good hygiene based on the on-duty supervisors judgment.  Nice jeans without holes and no T-shirts.  Collared shirts and/or business casual dress is recommended.
  6. Citizen Observers will obey all directions from department personnel.  

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