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The Uniform Division comprises the first response capability of the Department and is the backbone of the Department’s Community Oriented Policing philosophy.  Uniform Patrol is the largest and most visible division to the public.  The patrol force continuously works 24 hours a day on a 12 hour shift rotation conducting vehicle patrols, bike patrols, and foot patrols within the Town of Pulaski.  Uniform personnel are responsible for crime prevention, public safety, traffic safety, criminal investigations, warrants service, and other forms of public assistance.  Uniform personnel are also the first line of defense in the homeland security and are the initial responders to a critical incident.


Operations Lieutenant

Michael R. Hudson

Serving Since 1992

(540) 994-8672

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Uniform Patrol Division Personnel


Sergeant Robert D. Rucker

(A) Corporal Jamie R. Brown

Officer Taylor Suydam

Officer Daniel I. Rabago



Sergeant Rick E. Riddle

Corporal John F. Leeper

Corporal Jimmy W. Stone

Officer Ronald E. Gillenwater

Officer Joshua K. Day



Sergeant Derick D. Waddell

Corporal Sarah J. Riggins

Officer Jamie R. Brown

Officer Anthony S. Thompson



Sergeant John D. Saul

Corporal Daniel F. Grim

Officer Brion M. Webb

Officer Adam M. Abdelaziz


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The Pulaski Police Department is located in Pulaski Virginia, which is in the Southwest region of Virginia. They handle many services such as incident reports, crash reports, bike safety, and child restraint safety. They provide recruitment for police officers and swat teams in the Pulaski Area.